Our experienced insurance coverage team provides its clients with prompt, reliable analysis and policy interpretation with regard to all first- and third-party coverage issues in Illinois and throughout the United States. We work with our insurer clients to steer clear of expensive and time-consuming litigation by assisting them in policy drafting, presenting seminars on claims handling and current law, and drafting reservations of rights/denial letters that comply with the relevant jurisdiction’s laws.

 Our specialty areas include:

Claims Handling and Extra-Contractual Liability
General Liability (construction, including additional insured issues, product liability, environmental and intellectual property)
Inland and Ocean Marine (maritime, cargo, and property)
First Party Property (hurricane, fire and theft)
Professional and E&O / D&O Liability (legal, accountant and medical)
Personal and Commercial Auto
Employers Liability (discrimination, defamation, and wrongful termination)
Excess, Umbrella and Reinsurance Lines (monitoring litigation for excess carriers, litigating claims between insurers and between insurers and reinsurers)
Legal Fee Audits (of independent counsel bills)
Further, on those occasions where litigation cannot be avoided, the depth of our attorneys’ expertise allows us to handle complex coverage issues, and our skilled trial attorneys litigate insurance matters throughout the country, having tried cases to verdict before judges and juries and being responsible for seminal coverage opinions in various appellate courts as well as in the Illinois Supreme Court.